All of a sudden, very slow download speed

Hi all,

I have a QSI 683 that I yesterday I upgraded it from a WS-5 to a WS-8 (basically installing a new filter wheel and back). That went without a hitch. The camera connects with SGP no problem, and the filter wheel twirls to whatever filter I ask it to. No problem.

Today I did some test images on my kitchen table, just to confirm that the filter wheel was moving correctly. I found that my download times have gone up significantly–from just a few seconds to almost a minute. I’d take a 1 second image, and it takes about 60 seconds to download. I get the Windows wheel while it waits. The bias and darks download quicker (about 20 seconds) but it’s still markedly prolonged.

I tried downloading an image with Nebulosity, and the light downloaded in about 15 seconds, which is more or less normal, as I remember, which makes me think it may be something with SGP or how my computer is talking to it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and restarting the camera.

This is a new computer, Windows 7 64 bit 8 gigs.
Running SGP I haven’t yet downloaded the beta.
Below is a link to a folder with the various log files of my attempts today. (no need to look at all of them, I just put this in to show the repetition of the problem.



Everything is fine with your camera. All download speeds are normal:

[3/2/2015 6:09:03 PM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] SGM_CAMERA_CAPTURE message received...
[3/2/2015 6:09:03 PM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] ASCOM (QSI) Camera: setting gain to HIGH...
[3/2/2015 6:09:03 PM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] ASCOM (QSI) camera: setting normal speed readout...
[3/2/2015 6:09:03 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Waking from exposure time sleep period...
[3/2/2015 6:09:03 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Checking to see if the CCD has a temp...
[3/2/2015 6:09:03 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Saving the CCD temp...
[3/2/2015 6:09:06 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Entering super dangerous loop to await image completion...
[3/2/2015 6:09:19 PM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] QSI expose and download: 15987 ms

As you can see here, they are all about 16 seconds for 1x1. The problem you are encountering is that SGPro is trying to do a star analysis (HFR) on a dark frame (not sure of the speed of your machine, but this is very computationally expensive). So…

  • Do you have image history turned on? I’m pretty sure that is likely the problem. You are telling SGPro your picture of noise is really a DSO (Light) and SGPro is trying its best to find and display stars.

I would recommend:

  • Installing the 2.4 RC (likely more stable than 2.3 right now)
  • For indoor testing turn off image history - OR - signify the frame is dark (or both).

Awesome Ken, thanks. I’ll try that tomorrow and report back.

Hi Ken,
I turned off Image History and I got an error that said something to the effect “Error in acquiring image, see log”. So I quit the program, upgraded to the latest Beta, downloaded the new PHD, and now everything seems to be running fine. Not sure what happened, but it’s working now. Thanks for your help.

I can upload those log files for you if you want, but you probably don’t want. :smile: