Alluna TSC2 Focuser/rotator strange behavior with SGP

I’m Using Alluna TSC 2 focuser and rotator.

Both devices are controlled by TSC software and ASCOM drivers are used for communication with SGP. Both devices work as expected when connected individually. But upon connecting rotator AND focuser something strange happens - any (Fine or Coarse) movement command from SGP results in 1 step change, naturally autofocus routine fails. The problem is remedied with any rotation command sent to rotator from SPG. Afterwards focuser and rotator work as expected.

Did some basic troubleshooting and results are consistent - upon connecting both devices ASCOM pipe monitor indicates 1 step change request are executed and resulting position is correctly displayed in both SGP and TSC. After any command sent to rotator SGP sends correct step requests as configured in Fine and Coarse fields.

Any help or futher throubleshooting tips would be appreciated.

It sounds like you’ve troubleshooted this to the point of knowing it’s an issue inside of the driver. Probably best to contact the hardware manufacturer and see if they have a solution here.


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