Anonymous Usage Statistics

In reading the following topic on the forum SGPro Closes when Session Finished and attempt to Edit a target it never really occurred to me that Anonymous Usage Statistics would be so helpful.

I searched the forums and looked under each menu item on the SGP app and could not find a toggle to Opt-In for Anonymous Usage Statistics. I do however, remember seeing a popup window once when installing SGP on my home desktop PC.

Is there a way to Opt-In now or is this something that could be added to a future release? If this information helps the developers, then I would like to help in this regard.


It’s under Tools>>Options.

And yes, it certainly makes a difference especially where wide spread issues or major issues (crashes) are concerned. We can see them and fix them easily. Often before they even get reported!

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Thanks Jared… dunno how I overlooked that toggle under Tools>>Options. Appreciate the response :grin:

I turned mine on today, hope it helps.