Another - I Can't register 3.0 problem -- I know!

I have been trying to register my newly purchased 3.0 and I get the error “username or password” not valid.

I have looked at the forums and so far this is what I have done

  1. I registered the license at SGP like the email tells me to do, I have copied the email address that I used to purchase SGP 3.0 into the register this machine dialog box, and I copy the password I was sent, so I know I have that correct. This does not work

  2. Per some threads on the forum, I have used the license management page at SGP to unregister both of the computers I have thinking that this is the problem. Then I go through the registration process again – still no luck

  3. I even thought that maybe crazy windows 10 was blocking an internet connection so specifically gave permission to SGP to connect to the interest – still no luck with registration.

So, what do I do?


Are you referring to the SGP 2.0 instructions here? Those passwords are defunct. You need to use the same email/password that you use on the MSS web site to register SGP in the Help menu.


I use the password that I log into SGP and the same email that I use for SGP, which is the same email I use for PayPal so what’s up?


I now understand your question. I use the 'key" that I was sent in the email when I purchased the upgrade. I also registered this new “key” with SGP and it shows me that I have three copies that I can use to register machines. So, now – what’s up


The key is only used once. You will never use that key again after you have linked SGP to your user account (which you’ve already done). To register new versions of SGP you need to use the same email and password that you use to login to the Main Sequence Software site where you manage your license.

This video details the entire process, which you should have seen after you paid:

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