Another Meadecam Error

Got this error while trying to configure the Meadcam ASCOM driver.Meadecam_ASCOM_Error

Note that this works perfectly when selecting this same ASCOM device through MaximDL.



Just another observation. So I guess MaximDL uses its own ASCOM driver. Any way to reference that driver if this cannot be natively supported?

Hope that makes sense… Shrug

This error is in the camera setup dialog and so is only happening when you click on the spanner to run the camera setup.

You may be able to connect anyway by clicking on the right hand icon.

Does Maxim do a setup? If it does then maybe it ignores this error and the setup dialog loads.

It connects in SGP but only give limited functionality. I can control them temperature but can’t download pictures from the camera.

Maxim displays the correct camera setup dialog and all camera functions work properly.

I’ve heard rumors that a beta driver from meade is available so I’m hoping someone can give it to me.

Same Device Chooser pops up in Maxim and allows the Properties to open.

I can’t provide any assistance but what I’d try is to open it using the ASCOM Conform tool. It is designed to check that the driver is operating correctly and may gove another insight on what is going on here.

Yes I did this as well. Driver has no conform errors. The only error is when trying to configure the camera and you get this:

WARNING System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: InvalidArgument=Value of ‘0’ is not valid for ‘SelectedIndex’.

Is it possible that I can force this value to be ‘1’ instead?

The argument out of range error is the same one that SGP is reporting.

Fixing it requires access to the driver sources. I suggest you contact the driver author.