Another note about Feature Requests

With respect to the categorization of feature requests, the “request graveyard” for ideas that we do not intend to implement is in the forum category “Sequence Generator->Feature Archive”. A note about this… sometimes we will file requests here because we have a fundamental disagreement or possibly because it’s not possible due to some external constraint. These will likely never move…

BUT… a lot of feature requests get archived because we don’t think they will be useful to many people (certainly at least to the requester). This probably accounts for more than half of the requests in the archive.

My point here is that, just because something is in the “Request Archive”, does not mean you should not respond to it (favorably… if that is your stance… no need to respond in the negative). Our initial assumptions may be wrong. A particular suggestion might be extremely useful to the community at large and we may just be “missing it”.

Bottom line… voting on a feature in the archive may yet bring it back to life.

Just for reference: