Another successful SGPro run: NGC 7331 + Stephan's Quintet

Two clear nights in a row!!! It usually does not happen in Reno, NV. After successful imaging of Elephant Trunk the night before, I imaged NGC 7331 Deer Lick Group plus Stephan’s Quintet.

I was very lucky to barely get NGC 7331 and Stephan’s Quintet in the same FOV.

The whole imaging session was never interrupted and worked flawlessly.

Used Windows 10, SGPro and PHD2 2.5.0dev4.

Click on my avatar for equipment used.

NGC7331 Deer Lick and Stephan’s Quintet. RGB + pseudo-Luminance. 0.96"/pixel image scale.

Astrodon Red filter, 18 x 7 minutes, 1x1. 9/19/2015.
Astrodon Green filter, 18 x 7 minutes, 1x1. 9/19/2015.
Astrodon Blue filter, 18 x 7 minutes, 1x1. 9/19/2015.

TEC 140 APO F/7 with Astro-Physics A-P1100GTO GEM. QSI660wsg. OAG and Ultrastar autoguider.

Captured and automated with SGP. Calibration (including Dark Subtraction) and Post-processed with PixInsight. PHD2 settings: RA Aggressiveness: 60, RA Hysteresis: 10, Max RA/Dec Duration: 2000, Min Move: 0.45, Calibration Steps: 250msec, Auto/Resist Switching, Extreme dithering and Settled at <1.0, 3.5 sec guiding exposure.



Very detailed galaxy on the top Peter, which I think is NGC 7331, right?



Hi Alfredo,


Yes that’s correct. NGC 7331 is at top left and Stephan’s Quintet is at lower right.