Another Wonderful Night

I just wanted to thank Ken and Jared again for their wonderful software. I had a great night of imaging Saturday/Sunday and captured over 140 frames. SGP worked flawlessly the entire time, through 5 targets (with plate solves for each), lots of filter changes, and many, many autofocus runs.

You guys are spoiling me! I used to spend a couple of hours acquiring my target and getting focused. Now That’s done before it’s even dark enough to start imaging and the hardest part is waiting for the Earth to hurry up and spin.

Thanks again - Shane


Agreed. SGP introduced boredom into my imaging routine for the first time since I started AP about 3 years ago. I actually have time now to close the laptop long enough to look at the sky with dark adapted eyes. Before SGP, it was non - stop problem solving all night. I rarely had a chance to actually look up from the computer. Awesome software.


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Still cracks me up when someone tells me they use the other software. SGP is the heat.

Thanks to SGP, I can do visual observations too… I am also seriously considering running a second rig next to the first one. I can go back to visual again after I stream line the second rig…

We owe this to Ken and Jared and I am grateful for their efforts for giving us this great software.

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Agreed. That’s a really good point.g