Ansrv always returns 00h00m00s 00d00´00¨

I´m a newbie here and although I´ve looked I can´t find a posted answer to my problem.

Ansrv seemed to install ok and the server is running — the log file is displayed. However, whenever I try to solve the log file shows nothing but a GET favicon.ico not found (which is harmless I believe) and nothing else. After a short pause the solved center is returned as the 0h 0degrees.

Running solve-field in a cygwin terminal produces

Reading input file 1 of 1: “foo.fits”…
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/lib/astrometry/bin/”, line 328, in
File “/lib/astrometry/bin/”, line 325, in main
mydir, fix_sdss=options.fix_sdss)
File “/lib/astrometry/bin/”, line 253, in convert_image
(imgtype, errstr) = image2pnm(infile, outfile, sanitized, force_ppm, no_fits
2fits, extension, mydir, fix_sdss)
File “/lib/astrometry/bin/”, line 185, in image2pnm
from fits2fits import fits2fits as fits2fits
File “/usr/lib/astrometry/python/astrometry/util/”, line 21, in
import pyfits
File “/usr/lib/astrometry/python/pyfits/”, line 48, in
raise ImportError, e + “. No usable array package has been found. Cannot
import either numpy or numarray.”
ImportError: ImportError(“ImportError(‘No module named numarray’,). Cannot impo
rt either numpy or numarray.”,). No usable array package has been found. Canno
t import either numpy or numarray.
augment-xylist.c:585:backtick Failed to run command: /lib/astrometry/bin/image2p --sanitized-fits-outfile /tmp/tmp.sanitized.Hawutn --fix-sdss --infile foo
.fits --uncompressed-outfile /tmp/tmp.uncompressed.ec2Kae --outfile /tmp/tmp.ppm
.4FTdQm --ppm
ioutils.c:605:run_command_get_outputs Command failed: return value 1

which suggests to me that numpy isn´t being imported properly but wha do I know?

Any advice gratefully accepted.

Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul,

Could you share your ansvr log file? It is located at C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\cygwin_ansvr\var\tmp\platesolve\ansvr_DATE_TIME.log You can post it here or send it to me directly at

If you would like more details about how to run solve-field from the command-line we can get into that, but if you are just trying to get blind solving working in SGP we can start with looking at the ansvr log file.