Ansvr 0.11 - minor bug fix release

Barry F discovered a problem with ansvr-0.10 where his ansvr config file somehow got truncated to zero size and ansvr refused to start.

I updated ansvr to handle this condition more gracefully by reverting to default settings (which should be ok 99% of the time anyway) in case it encounters a corrupted config file.

The new version with this fix is ansvr-0.11. There is no new functionality in this version over 0.10, just the fix to be more tolerant of a corrupted config file in the unlikely event that that should happen.

Chris - maybe you could update your package to include 0.11? Thanks.

To upgrade to 0.11, download ansvr-0.11.tar.gz and save in the folder


Then, open cygwin terminal and paste in the following command:

tar xfz /tmp/ansvr-0.11.tar.gz -C /opt

Next, update your Windows shortcut to point to the new version: right click the shortcut, click Properties, then paste the following into the Target field:

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -lc /opt/ansvr-0.11/ansvr

Finally, restart the server if it is currently running:

  1. go to and click “Terminate ansvr”
  2. open your ansvr shortcut to start ansvr


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I’ll update it in a little bit!


When things got stuck in the past I could only do a complete reload of Cygwin & ANSVR to fix the lockup. I never quite knew what went wrong till i looked at the log files and saw they were barking about the config file. Hope your patch will give others the chance to see what a great piece of software you have! Fast fix by the way, hats off!

Updated. Glad you got it working Starman!