Ansvr-0.13 - add JNow config option

I just uploaded a new version of ansvr, ansvr-0.13. This version adds an option to the ansvr config web page to choose whether the solution coordinates are expressed as apparent coordinates (JNow) or epoch J2000. The default is J2000.

You probably do not need to upgrade from 0.12 unless you are interested in having the option to switch to JNow coordinates. This may be the case if your mount expects apparent coordinates and not J2000 coordinates.

Chris - maybe you could update your package to include 0.13 at some point? Thanks.

To upgrade to 0.13, download ansvr-0.13.tar.gz and save in the folder


Then, open cygwin terminal and paste in the following command:

tar xfz /tmp/ansvr-0.13.tar.gz -C /opt

Next, update your Windows shortcut to point to the new version: right click the shortcut, click Properties, then paste the following into the Target field:

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -lc /opt/ansvr-0.13/ansvr

Finally, restart the server if it is currently running:


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Wilco, it’ll be a few days. I’m a little busy :smile:

This will be a nice change!

Thanks Andy!!!

Andy – thanks so much for your work on this and PHD2! Quick question: the original version awhile back kept the console window open when the server was launched. Is it possible to keep that open or view the log file?



Ansvr can be launched either in the background (the default) or, in the foreground (in a window). When run in the foreground, the log output shows up in the window, and closing the window terminates ansvr. Use the -d option to launch ansvr in the foreground. For example, use a windows shortcut like this:

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -lc “/opt/ansvr-0.13/ansvr -d”

The ansvr log output will be saved in a log file regardless of whether you run ansvr in the background or in a window. The log file is C:\cygwin\var\tmp\platesolve\ansvr_<date>_<time>.txt

To view the log when ansvr is running in the background, you could make a shortcut with this command:

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -lc "less +F $(ls /var/tmp/platesolve/ansvr*log | tail -1)"

That command will open a window to view the latest log file, and you can close the window without affecting ansvr running in the background. (More info here or here about using the less command to view the log file (scrolling though the log file, searching for text, etc.))


Thanks Andy for the great info! I appreciate it!

Oops, just saw this. Updating the update… it’ll be posted in a few minutes.