Ansvr refuses to work


Alert: Total SGP newbie here…

I am trying SGP and have a bit of a problem with the plate solving.
I managed to get Platesolve2 to work. works good.

Ansvr is another story. It fails everytime.

I have a 480mm FL scope (384mm with reducer) with a 1600MM camera which gives a FOV of 2.11° x 1.59° and 2.64° x 1.99° respectively.
I downloaded libraries Index 4206 to 4212. Ansvr fails to plate solve any of my images.
I left all the parameters as default.
Am I missing something?


Here is the log


Could you attach a raw FITS image that fails to solve. If the file is too big for this forum, upload to Dropbox or Google Drive or something like that, make it publicly accessible, and post the link to this discussion thread. In your post, please also tell us the image scale (arc-sec per pixel) that you have entered in SGP.

BTW, it’s much better to include the actual log file rather than a screen capture of a small portion of the log. If you need to attach an ansvr log file it can be found in the folder C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\cygwin_ansvr\var\tmp\platesolve\ansvr_DATE-TIME.log. I’m just mentioning this for future reference; for diagnosing this issue, we’ll need to see the actual FITS image and the scale info you entered in SGP, the log file is not required in this case.


Check that ANSVR is actually running.

See item 11 in this document.