Any shot at supporting the Lacerta Flatbox Controller?

I have two Lacerta FBCs (Flat Box Controllers), along with several Lacerta flat boxes, and have found their FBC a snap to use, either in standalone mode, or as a USB device. In AstroPhotography Tools, it is natively supported, and in conjunction with the APT Flats Wizard, automatically adjusts duration and brightness to hit a target ADU value. I had been using this approach, but am now switching over to an automated observatory that I am building, where two flat boxes will go on the wall in front of scope park positions. I have downloaded and purchased SGP, and am looking to have it run everything via a fanless PC on that same wall. I would like to automate flat image collection, but the Lacerta FBC isn’t supported in SGP. I asked the folks at Lacerta about this, and they responded:

"AFAIK SGP does not offer support for our FBC, unfortunately.

If you take the effort and nag the developer Jared Wellman, we would be happy to provide everything he needs to implement it.

He is a very nice guy, just loaded with work.

Mgen-3 implementation is working already, and we were able to do it without nagging Jared :slight_smile:

Please use our Ascom and you can instantly go forward!

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Is there any chance that the Lacerta FBC could get native support? I could consider a contribution if that would help. If support isn’t likely to happen, can you suggest any other supported USB two or more channel PWM flat box dimmer? I don’t have to use my Lacerta FBCs (but I have two), as long as I could use the flat boxes themselves. I have a Pegasus PowerBox V2, but that is up on top of the mount, so that won’t work (moving cables). I am hoping for a stationary two channel PWM dimmer unit between the wall mounted fanless PC and flat boxes. I am also hoping to either use my two Lacerta FBCs, or else purchase something else off the shelf. I have read the thread on the Arduino approach, but would really like to avoid this, and simply use or buy something. Thank you.

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Tommy emailed me as well. We’ll take a look into what is needed to support it.

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Awesome; thanks, Jared!

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