AP1100 mount

Hi all… First post since moving here from Yahoo!

Really more of a sanity check as I know many are using a Mach1 … My setup now with a CGEM is running great software-wise… Plate solves, sync, guiding, flips, focus, centering, etc. I will likely be upgrading equipment starting with a nice mount like the AP1100; while I know they have an ASCOM driver, I’d hate to find out that I can’t use features I’ve come to rely on in SGPro, particularly plate solving/sync, flips, etc. I don’t really see why some of these wouldn’t work, but it never hurts to ask!

Anyone else running an AP1100 or AP1600?

Thanks all,

Hi Brian:
I have been running an AP1600 (no AEs) with SGP for several months now.
Plate solving, synch’ing, auto focus, PHD2 guiding/dithering all good.
I have not yet tried any flips so, no info there.
The AP GTOCP3 and SGP/ASCOM seem to play very well together.

I think the one thing that you’ll notice with an AP mount is that you can no longer flip before the meridian like you could with a CGEM. The AP does not implement setting the side of pier so instead it has to track past the meridian and then flip.

This likely won’t matter to you…I was just letting you know of the one difference you’re likely to see.


Perfect – good info, thanks much!

Was searching for some thing else when I came across this thread. Although the driver doesn’t implement setting pier side one can set a meridian delay in the AP V2 driver which will cause a pier flip to occur at any arbitrary hour angle. The setting can be made manually by the user in the ASCOM driver or programmatically through an ASCOM application.

-Ray Gralak