API calls from Astro-Physics APPM with ZWO native driver don't return

I am trying to use SG Pro in combination with Astro-Physics APCC Pro and its modeling module APPM for image capture and plate solving (via PlateSolve 2) with a ZWO ASI1600MM Pro (native ZWO driver). After APPM issues the call to SG Pro to capture an image, the API launches and the image is acquired. However, APPM never appears to receive the image back.

I posted on the AP yahoo group and Ray Gralak mentioned that there have been no recent changes in the APPM/SG Pro interface. Do you have any suggestions on how to debug the issue from the SG Pro side?

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APPM-2019-05-17-225135.zip (67.9 KB)
@Jared and @Ken,

It seems like the call to SgGetImagePath never returns true for Luca’s camera. However, in a separate test (v3.0.3.169) SgGetImagePath does seem to work when using the Camera V2 Simulator in SG Pro. I’ve attached one of luca’s log files (zipped, because it exceeded the 1024KB limit) from APPM.

If you see anything that looks wrong or need more information please let me know.



Thank you, Ray!

Jared, Ken, or Ray: Please let me know if there are any additional tests that I can run to help shed light on what is going on.


Thanks @rgralak. @lucam SGPro has a good deal of logging around the API. Can you please reproduce the issue and send SGPro logs? I can take a look.

@Ken, I have the SGPro log from 5/17 but it’s a giant file (1.9GB), not sure why becauseI really didn’t do much that night. I compressed it (53MB) and put it in my Public folder in Dropbox. It’s here:

The relevant activity should be between 9:45pm and 11pm EDT on 5/17. Please take a look and let me know if you need me to run it again with specific settings.



This might be nothing, but I think I had a similar issue when trying to use 2x2 binning, but when I went with native resolution everything worked.

Thanks, Lee! Unfortunately, I was using 1x1 binning, so I think it may be something else.

@Ken did the logs I sent provide the information you were looking for?



@lucam I have marked this for followup… will review shortly.

@Ken, did you have a chance to review the logs? Any suggestions?


@lucam @rgralak I’ve addressed the issue and it will be out in the next release or beta (it’s in both, which ever is first). Essentially we were’t setting the image name for ZWO native. The ASCOM variant should work though if you want to go that route until the fix is released.


Awesome, thank you!