API for Autofocus

Hi Ken and Jared,

Has there been any though about adding an API interface to the Autofocus process? Something where I could request an autofocus run (either when no sequence was running or after the current frame completes in a running sequence–like an API way to press that “Run” button!), check if it is complete, and retrieve the stats for the verification frame once it does complete?

This would be used for an unattended remote imaging system where SGP is used as a server and doesn’t actually run a sequence. The targets are determined and scheduled externally. I’m using SGP to control the equipment and run the captures, but I still don’t have a good way to focus. It could also be used during a sequence by an external script or program that monitors the HFR or FWHM of the images that SGP captures and then requests an autofocus run when those values exceed some limit.

Thanks - Shane