API Guider and Pixel Size in PhD

I noted this issue had been discussed on the PhD forum back in January and supposedly the new version of the API
had fixed this but when I reopen PhD (2) and restore the settings (or load/autoload a guide profile) the guider pixel size always reverts to 1 micron instead of the 7.4 it should be.

Of course it makes my guiding look really good, even when it is not…

PhD, API, and SGP are all current versions.

I thought it got the size from the camera or is there a place to set this guider pixel size in SGP? If there is, I cannot find it.

This was addressing in 1.2 of the API guider. What version are you using?

There is no way of setting the pixel size. Currently this only supports SBIG guiders and they all have 7.4um pixels.


I was sure I had 1.2.0 as I update as soon as I see updates and it has been around quite a while but to be sure I went to control panel/programs

  1. I uninstalled what said 1.1.0 then downloaded 1.2.0 from your site. I installed that file. Control panel (once closed and reopened) still said 1.1.0 and it still did not work right.

  2. I again uninstalled and re-downloaded and re-installed, Control panel still said 1.1.0 but now it seems to work.

OK, I am officially confused.

There might have been a versioning issue in 1.2. Glad it’s working now.


Jared Wellman
Co-Founder and Developer