Application Crash - Bug

This is supposed to be a ‘Bug’ report but ‘Bug’ didn’t appear in the category’s list so
I put it here ! !

Hello all,
I’ve been practicing with SGP inside due to clouds etc and I got an App Crash which was
repeatable. I was actually testing out my newly acquired Notification system add-on to ensure
the emails were getting to my mobile phone.

SGP version im using:
Win 7 64bit
.NET Frameworks 4

Simulators hooked up:

  1. ‘Simulator’ for the camera
  2. ‘Simulator’ for Focuser
  3. ‘EQMOD ASCOM simulator’ for the mount
  4. Manual Rotator

Notification System:
Email 1 option enabled with Alerts, Warnings, Errors and Timed Errors

Used the Mosaic & framing add-on to load a B33 single frame target into
the sequencer with Slew and Center enabled (I knew in advance centering
with no real camera would error), also the Rotation option was checked.

I ran the sequence and with no plate solver or guider selected in control panel, SGP told me
this and I chose to continue anyway. SGP runs the 10 sec delay and slews
the simulator to the target, once there, SGP puts up the following Error box:

Auto Center Error
Cannot center the current frame because a valid plate solver
is not selected.

So while this box was up, I waited and waited for the error email
notification to come but it didn’t (It does work though as im getting
emails for all sorts of other stuff). After about 15 mins I gave up and
clicked the OK button on the error box.

On hitting ‘OK’ I got an immediate Application Crash offering Debug,
close or internet solution. Seconds after the crash my Email came
showing the error highlighted above. Then, closing is the only option.

I knew this sequence run would throw an Error, that was the idea of
doing it in the first place but what I didn’t expect was the App Crash
and an email notification following the crash, surely it should have sent
it when the error box was up. When SGP sends me an alert I usually
get it to my phone within 10 secs so to prove it wasn’t an internet/Hotmail
delay I reproduced the same circumstances and run it again…Same Crash !

Interestingly, the second time around I had ‘Center’ disabled so theoretically it
wouldn’t even attempt to center anyway but it still put up the error box followed
by the App Crash.

Can anyone confirm this issue ??