ASCOM message

I dont know if this is a problem that is impacting my imaging or just an irrelevant warning message. It feels like I need to resolve this though. The message appears as a background window whenever I start SGP ?
Can someone advise please?

See attached…

Many Thanks

I’m 100% certain that is issued by the ASCOM SwitchServer driver, but I’m not sure what is causing it to display. Are you using switches in your sequence?

Thanks Ken. Tbh I wouldn’t know if I was using switches in my sequences? I dont understand the question but Ive not specifically done that. I first installed SGP about 2 years ago and have been climbing the very steep Astrophotography learning curve. The message has been there all along but Ive not done anything about it as it doesn’t appear to be breaking anything. The only thing I notice is that I regularly have issues connecting to my EQ6r mount. Once connected things are OK but I get port error timeout messages on initial connection. Reboot the laptop and restart SGP and it all connects fine. Again this is irritating but not a showstopper. Maybe related though. Im loathe to start reinstalling all the ASCOM stuff again in case I break something else?

Pardon my butting in here. Guess: There is a driver for some sort of a Switch device (like the Digital Loggers Web Power Switch). It is an executable (.exe) type of driver and it’s not a program to be run stand alone. Something ?? is trying to start it like a program. It’s almost certainly not a problem, it just quits and that’s that. What could be trying to run this switch driver? Is there a set of startup settings in SGP or ???