ASI071mc-pro how to control the dew heater?

Just got a new ASI071mc-pro. I noticed that the “Enable dew heater with TEC” is still greyed out.

(Latest version

Read a few threads on this matter and I am thoroughly confused now.

It is not currently supported. Does their ASCOM driver control it for you? May try using their ASCOM driver and see if it allows turning it on.

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Yes the Ascom driver “Ascom(1)” allows for this.

I was under the impression that the native ZWO drivers were more compliant and better quality?

Yes I saw that thread where someone else asked about this. Is there any plans to implement this? There must be as the check box is there.

No, in most cases the opposite. The ASCOM drivers should always be better as they’re generally developed by the hardware manufacturer who would have intimate knowledge of how their hardware works. The Native implementation is generally based on one or two devices that we have. Sadly I don’t own every ZWO camera out there (and the ones I do own do not have dew control).

Yes, there are plans to add it…but we are generally trying to phase out all native implementations where practical as device support takes time/effort from away from new feature development.