ASI120mm setup in SGP

I have the ASI224 as my main camera and ASI120 mini for the guide camera. In the setup of these cameras, there is a setting called - scale “/px” (1x1) in the equipment profile tab. I have searched a bunch of sites for specifications but none tell me what the value should be for each camera. Does anyone know??

Colton Kenshol

It will depend on your scope/guide scope focal length.

The formula is
206 x pixel size (in micrometers) / focal length (in mm)

The result is in arcseconds per pixel.

I am curious. What are your target goals? The 224 is a good for planetary imaging as well as lunar and solar (with proper filters). To my knowledge it is not used for deep space photography. At the same time SGP is not a planetary imaging acquisition program assuming you are acquiring AVI or SER files.

I’m just getting started, even if the cameras don’t quite work out, it is what I have and should suffice to help me learn SGP and astrophotography.