ASI2600MM Connection Problem

I’m using SGP and while I have no problems connecting my ASI183MM-Pro, my new ASI2600-Pro will not connect to SGP.

I’ve updated the ZWO drivers, ASCOM drivers, and .NET to the latest and no luck. It is interesting that the camera is recognized by ASI Studio and by SharpCap Pro (which I use for Polar Alignment). I’ve tried several USB3 cables, and different USB3 ports, and no luck (same cables/ports work fine for the 183MM). Suggestions?

My guess would be that you are trying the connect with the older “native” driver instead of the Ascom driver.
The native driver might not have support for your camera so you need to use the Ascom driver

Make sure you have a at least 3a power source connected to the asi2600. The usb alone is not enought for proper long exposure with this camera, and you can have all kinds of weird behavior.

I am running SGP 4 32 bit and I have the same problem. SGP no longer supports the native driver, only the ASCOM driver for newer cameras. The ZWO ASCOM driver for the 2600 has two problems: 1) no offset, and 2) the gain is limited to 100. These are ZWO problems, and ZWO refuses to correct them. I set the offset in the ASCOM driver settings dialog, so it is fixed, constraining the gain to a fixed value of 100 (to enable the high dynamic range mode).

One suggestion would be for you to contact ZWO support and ask them to change the driver so that SGP can set any gain and offset that the camera can use.

Mark W