ASI294MM-PRO not found

I just received my new ASI294MM-PRO - this is the newest ZWO mono camera - and It is not recognized. by SGP. I am using the latest ASCOM driver that lists this new camara. I have verified the cable and computer are fine since they connect fine to my ASI6200MM-PRO. Has anyone else had sucess with SGP and this camera?

Are you able to connect to the camera using a different application (note: connection must be via ASCOM and not native driver for this teat to be meaningful)?

Actually, I solved it today. It was weird. The issue was the 12V power to the camera PET cooler. I had a splitter on the 12V cable to send power to both the camera and a filter wheel. When I disconnected the splitter and when to just the 12V barrel plug, the camera connected! Its weird how finicky these things are. It seems to be OK now.