ASTAP and ansvr local plate solver failure

I have been using SGP with ASTAP and ansvr local for blind solving for over a year. I purchased a new mount and reloaded the ASTAP and ansvr executables and databases onto my laptop in conjunction with the HEM27’s ASCOM driver and iOptron Commander wrapper - they would not run. The only plate solver that would work was PS2…which would allow me to plate solve and get the sequence going, but is much slower. I ended up returning the new mount and deleting its ASCOM driver and iOptron Commander wrapper from the laptop. Today I attempted reloading the ASTAP and ansvr local executables and databases. They are installed strickly according to the instructions, but are not functioning when called from SGP.
What should I do to get those two plate solvers working again??

I’m not an “expert” on either of those applications, but I can attempt to help. Also, pinging @han (ASTAP’s author) to see if he has any insight.

Can you provide any details here (for each of the 2 applications)? What does happen? Nothing? An error message? Something else?

What OS are you running?

  • Windows 10 or 11?
  • 32-bit or 64-bit?

I can also help but to do so we need some more information.

If I remember well, SGP is sending plateSolve2 command to ASTAP. So if PlateSolve2 is working then possible something wrong with the ASTAP installation.

Messages, log?


Ken, Hans,
I’m running Windows 10 and 64-bit version of ASTAP. I’m out of town on business until Thursday, I can send logs and messages when I get home.
Definitely something wrong with the ASTAP install, but I followed the instructions exactly, so I don’t know what…

Every time I update ASTAP I use File/Settings/Return To Default Settings as I had problems some time back and since doing this it works perfectly every time. ASTAP leaves PlateSolve2 in its dust for performance, reliability and no more waiting for annoying pop ups to timeout (which is what drove me away from PlateSolve2).