Hi, I’m trying to use ASTAP with SGP.

ASTAP fails to solve my image within SGP, on the “post-it” note I see that the vertical FOV is being calculated to 1.7º (vertical). If I save the failed image as FITS and open directly on ASTAP it also fails, but changing the FOV to 0.67 on the stack page allows me to correctly solve the image.

Who is calculating the FOV used for plate solving, is it SGP or ASTAP ?
I tried to save the settings on ASTAP but when launched from SGP it always comes with 1.7º FOV.

My setup is a 1200/250 scope with an ASI1600.

The plate solver initially gets the solving info from the scale setting under the current profile’s camera tab. Using an online calculator for your setup calls for .64’’/pixel or so which would give you a vertical fov of .64 degree.

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That’s it ! <3

Just to note that ASTAP is in constant development. Check out their website and you will see there is a release every few days. You will need to download and upgrade the version you use in SGP. There are several improvements to star detection and solving in the past few months.

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