ASTAP Centering and 2x2 Binning


Plate solving with ASTAP succeeds if 1x1 binning is used. Centering with ASTAP mostly fails and at times ASTAP reports it is using 2x2 binning.It looks like user has to set binning to 1x1 for ASTAP to plate solve, but why does ASTAP use a 2x2 binning when it is plate solving as part of centering? Is there a control for it in SGP? Is it a known issue that ASTAP in SGP works in 1x1 binning only?

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OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8

I noticed this a long time ago and should have brought it up - but it is something I seldom use and it has not bothered me in a very long time.

Basically I use ASTAP all the time for plate solving - works a treat. But once or twice in the past - when starting a new project - I might want to recenter my image before a sequence gets going. So, when I down load one image to see how things look and then try to “Center Here”, the image cannot be solved by ASTAP…and then, of course, “Center Here” will not work. (I recall last time changing over to PS2 in advance just to carry out the required recenter…and avoided the problem mentioned).

I did the same thing: switched to PS2 for centering. I am even happy with Ansvr which always works but takes a long time to do it. I was hoping a solution had existed.