ASTAP for BLIND solving? How?

I have downloaded SGP to evaluate. It won’t let me blind solve with ASTAP, instead insisting it uploads to instead. But if I give approximate RA/Dec and pixel scale etc. it will use ASTAP for a non-blind solve, ie. a normal Solve.

However, I can blind solve with ASTAP in APT fine (in seconds!) knowing just my scope focal length and camera pixel size with no approx RA/Dec needed, so why not in SGP? Or am I doing something wrong?

The main times I would be doing a blind solve is to sync the mount after focusing the scope when it’s pointing in an unknown direction. And I wouldn’t necessarily have internet access to send to

Any advice welcome!

Cheers - Rob

I don’t believe you can configure SGP to use anything other than astrometry for blind solving at this time. However, you can always set up a local copy of ansvr to blind solve when you do not have a network connection available.

I am also waiting for SGP to be able to BLIND SOLVE with ASTAP, all other options available to BLIND SOLVE means LONG WAITING …

Hmm… so I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

This would be the deal breaker for me. I only came to try SGP for autofocus, but if ASTAP solving isn’t implemented fully I might as well stick with APT where it is. I don’t want to take a big step backwards in solving ability and speed.

Cheers - Rob.

As far I know and it is also confirmed by SGP TEAM " see link below "; that BLIND SOLVING function with ASTAP will be available in SGP with the next version 4.0 or the BETA version for version 4.0.

It is only a matter of time…



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That sounds promising… although that post was nearly 6 months ago. I’ll watch with interest.

Cheers - Rob