ASTAP with SGP does not time out correctly

Hi Ken and Jared,

I was doing some testing with ASTAP and SGP. SGP does not handle bad solves well.

SGP shows the ASTAP window trying rotation angles and never times out.

I took a .FIT file and clone stamped the stars randomly for some testing.

When I run ASTAP standalone it times out after a few second, SGP just keeps saying “Solving…”

Hopefully this will help with some debugging to solve this,
Thank You.

This sample image (Image scale is 1.09 for reference) it should always fail:

:+1: I’ll take a look. That link is asking for a password though.


Thanks Jared, I changed the link permissions.

So it appears the blind solve is working, it’s just not updating the status bar to denote that the blind solve is running vs the normal solve. I’m guessing if you look in the log you’ll see the blind solve fail over happening correctly. Regardless I’ll address the status bar behavior.


Thanks I just tested it and it seems to be working! Will let you know if any further issues.