AstroBin coordinate import: heads-up

Just a heads-up to the devs, Astrobin has changed the display of RA and Dec coordinates from decimal to HMS. Not sure if that will affect coordinate import in SGP or not (my rigs are all under cover at the moment so no chance to check).

Ross maybe that’s why my new lx85 mount w/ audiostar doesn’t want to complete a plate solve and fails.

I don’t think it is. Whatever AstroBin has done to its own view has not affected the way in which SGPro interacts with it.

ok , I just posted about my problem Ken , it’s really cold to be out there lost as to why my plate solve fails over and over with an X. My Lxd55 was old but , at least it would plate solve everytime once I got sgp understood . I set up a new profile and fresh started using MICA that has my set-up info but, I’m lost as to where the error is.