Astrodon Takometer

Can the Astrodon Takometer be controlled within SGP? Thanks.

Yes, it can be controlled through their ASCOM driver:



One thing you may want to confirm with the ASCOM driver developer is whether the driver can support simultaneous access from more than one application at a time. Many ASCOM drivers allow this, but some do not.

The reason this is important for a rotator driver is that you will want to have the rotator connected to both SGP and PHD2. SGP will be the app moving the rotator, but PHD2 will need to read out the rotator angle so that it can adjust guiding according to the current angle. Otherwise, if you do not connect the rotator in PHD2 you will need to re-calibrate PHD2 whenever the rotator angle changes.

Even if the rotator does not support concurrent connections, there are workarounds available (Optec ASCOM Server), but to keep things simple it is best if the rotator driver itself supports multiple connections.