Astrometry Ansvr

I want to point SGP to and found an old solution that doesn’t map to the current release.
I have a new port for ansvr and have confirmed my computer is listening on that port. The firewall allows the program. I am using v3.2.0.660. How to I point SGP to ansvr? I get to plate solve and select ansvr local, but cannot find out how to enter that info.

You enter (write using the keyboard):

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OK thanks but where? I am in Control Panel/Plate Solve/Blind Plate Solver, pull down menu selecting (local) but the Settings button to the right launches my browser without the ability to enter an address. Seems that’s the place I should be able to enter the info, but I cannot. Is there another place in SGP to put this so the browser opens to the correct location?

addendum: it launches to which is what I need to change.

Do not press the last “Settings” button. Just overwrite (use the keyboard !) this entry:


After that, do not forget to do the same in the Profile Manager. This will make the change available also for future sequences.

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Overwrite! Didn’t think of that… thanks.