Astrometry index files

Hi, i have been using the local server for my plate solving and it works well, however i have now added another scope that i want to use but I’ve only downloaded certain indexes for one field of view, can i add more indexes or is a re install a better option?

if i can just add indexes, where can i retrieve them?


I may have resolved my issue…it appears that i have the index file down loader still in my programs folder, i am assuming that i can just run it again for the selected indexes…yes?


Hi ray,

I can’t take a snapshot of my start menu - all Programs (win 7) but this is the address of the index loader on my machine…

“C:\Program Files (x86)\ Local Solver\IndexManager.exe”

I am sure you can find the same ‘exe’ file on your own computer. Run that and you can add further indexes as you need them.

Hope that helps.

Hi Kinch, yes it has, just need to figure out where it stores them!


That is correct. The index downloader will also tell you what indexes are found.

Here’s where my index files are located: C:\Users\Joel\AppData\Local\Cygwin_Ansvr\usr\share\astrometry\data

Thank you for that, yes I just decided to run it and found the folder its saved to.

Thanks all