ATIK 383L Temp Turning off when a Disconnect Is Dissued

I like to use the focus mode in Nebulosity (4) before imaging in SGP. When I click “Disconnect” for my camera in SGP and "leave "SGP momentarily to go in to Nebulosity, I am prompted by SGP to “Turn cooler off?”. I select NO. I do my focusing in Nebulosity and then return to SGP, select the CONNECT button for my camera and then find that the cooler immediately turns off and I have to turn it on again. I thought by electing not to turn of the cooler in ther first place SGP would keep the cooler turned on when I go back in to Nebulosity again. Why does this happen. Thanks in advance.

It’s likely something with your connect options in the camera control panel. SGP may be attempting to warm up the camera. Also it is not abnormal for ASCOM drivers to turn off the TEC when the camera disconnects. Unfortunately we have no control over this. We can leave the TEC on but when we disconnect we can’t control what the camera will actually do with that.


The ASCOM driver doesn’t turn cooling on or off at connect or disconnect. I can’t speak for the low level drivers though.

As always logs of the camera operation will help to find out what is going on.

Thank you Jared and Chris,

Your replies are greatly appreciated. I think I might be on to something
here. In the case of using both of my ATIK cameras (not both at once),

and if I use the ATIK2 driver for SGP, and the ASCOM/ATIK driver in
Nebulosity, I can, without even disconnecting my ATIK camera in SGP,

get the camera to also run in Nebulosity. Bear in mind, that this is just to
focus. As soon as I’m finished doing the focus routine in Nebulosity, I will

abort and go back in to SGP for my sequencing. If my frames seem to be out
of focus, then I can switch back in temporarily to Nebulosity again.

I’ve tested this a few times. A bit buggy but I’m working on it. I’d love to
see the same type of focus routine in SGP one day. (No offense!)


We have 2 currently. 1 that allows manual focusing by using the HFR readout and image history and another that uses auto focus.


Keep in mind that if you want to use the “manual” focus with HFR trends that you need to turn the “Image History” feature on.