Atik 460ex and FW2 Failure to connect

I have been using SGPro for some time now with success and very few problems. Everything was fine until today. I was using without issue last night. However this morning I updated to latest version SGPro (not Beta) at same time update the Atik core software/drivers. Problems now begin. Neither the Camera or the FW2 are connecting. The camera no longer appears on the list of cameras to connect too. The FW2 is there but get error message when trying to connect. This all points to Ascom drivers. I am using latest 6.3 platform.
So now I have a dome and EQ6 that connect fine but an issue with Atik camera/fw2. I have no idea who/what update is causing the problem.
Thinking maybe a corrupt Windows file causing in issue I installed SGpro, Ascom 6.3 and the Atik software on a second laptop to see if this connected this produced exact same situation. This tells me it is an update or driver related. Very frustrating, spent all afternoon trying to resolve and getting no where. Any suggestions would be very greatly appreciated. and as soon as possible :slight_smile: Thanks.


I am using the updated Atik drivers succesfully on my Win 10 64bit PC ( version 1709, build nr 16299.125 ) in combination with Ascom 6.3. I have an Atik 11000 mono CCD and the EFW2 filterwheel.
My suspicion is that the newest Atik driver is not backward compatible with older Windows builds ( it should be normally ).

Clear skies,

Thanks Janos. I have contacted ATik who are trying to resolve. I think you are right it is something to do with the Atik core update as all was fine before this. Very annoying when they introduce updates that cause these sort of issues. I wish I had not updated that’s for sure.

Hi, Thanks to a guy in Stargazers Lounge problem is sorted. On the install pack from Atik the ASCOM drivers are at the bottom of the list and you need to scroll down to see this. Very easy to miss but ASCOM drivers now installed so hopefully will work tomorrow when I plug in . Thanks for help.