Atik not in profile

My primary imaging pc has Atik listed in the group shown in the equipment profile. I am setting up a backup PC and when I go to setup the equipment profiles, there is no Atik and numerous other camera options shown. Just a small handfull of cameras. I have loaded the latest SGP version as well as ASCOM and Atik drivers. How do I access Atik on my second pc?


It sounds like you don’t have the Atik ‘ASCOM’ drivers loaded or maybe you need a reboot? If the camera is not showing up under the camera drop down, then SGP is not finding the driver for some reason. Since this is the secondary PC and you had no problems with the primary, sure you did the same setup? Go into the ASCOM Profile Explorer and see if Atik is listed under ‘Cameras Drivers’. If it is not, somehow it didn’t get installed. SGP doesn’t have native support for ATIK which is why you see some camera listed and some not. Once SGP sees the ASCOM Atik driver it will show up.

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Remember to unplug your Atik cameras before running the Core software.

So, I have loaded the Atik software from the original CD on the backup PC and now, the equip. profile shows “Atik Camera” However, still get “failure to connect”… OBSERVATION …the first PC which is working fine shows in the profile options, two different Atik Cameras. The profile shows “Atik Camera” and right below it it shows “Atik Camera 2” So, on my primary PC, I could never get a connection on the selection “Atik Camera” only can connect to “Atik Camera 2” So, how the heck does my backup PC show “Atik Camera” only while the main PC shows both “Atik Camera” and “Atik Camera 2”??? Thanks for any comments.

STOP THE CAR! I deleted the Atik program re-loaded and it now shows the “Atik Camera 2” option! Connected up and tried some images with the cap on the camera and it works OK. Thanks for the moments.

Awesome, glad to here it. Just as a FYI, it is normal to have 2 Atik camera drivers loaded. I too have a Atik Camera and a Atik Camera 2. If you were to have 2 Atik Cameras it would allow you to use both of them. Say one for primary imaging and the other for guiding. This is fairly common. For example, I also have some Altair cameras I use ASCOM drivers for. I use one for planetary, OSC, and the other is my guide camera (Mono). So, either Atik driver ‘should’ work, you just have to go into the settings for the driver after you select it and then pick the camera you have connected to assign it to that particular ASCOM driver.

Hope this helps clear it up…