Audio notifications

Hi .

It would be really useful if errors or failures in a sequence at any stage could have an audio file associated . I can see emails can be configured and there is a notification centre but apart from an audio file to be played on sequence completion there is not much…

For example ( think robotic voice lol )

" Lost Guide star "
" Filter wheel , Camera , Mount timeout "

Regards Trevor

Good suggestion. We’ll consider it.


Thanks , yes silent warnings can be missed. I have a folder monitor that lets me know when SGP downloads the next sub in the sequence. And a ping apps that gives a heads up if the remote pc goes off line using audio notifications.

I’ll go for that too

Might I add the idea of being able to assign, for example, a custom .wav to these audio warning(s) ?

SGP could include default ones but customizing them could be fun for the user, also, this could save the Dev’s from supplying loads of audio files in different languages too


Excellent idea - I use the equivalent in EQMOD which would be good model for the SGP audio support. EQMOD certainly improves Observatory safety - I get an audio warning when the telescope is starting a slew to next target for example - makes sure you not in the wrong place when 60+ lbs of telescope and counterweights is on the move!


One would have to be careful though with your 60+ lb’er…

If EQMOD blurted out something and SGP blurted out something else at the same time you would freeze on the spot, say “huh ? ? ?” and your 60+ Lb would smash you in the head while giggling at you