Auto-center fails, claims target is below horizon when it is not

I am a new user of SGP. I have been able to run simple sequences just fine. Then I went to try to auto-center and it always fails. This is with multiple targets over multiple nights. It always claims my target is below my horizon of 30 degrees, while the targets have all been above 70 degrees. I hypothesize my sky model is wrong, though plate solving has been working perfectly. I am using an iOptron CEM 40G mount and use its hand-controller to slew to targets, then sync. I follow this with SGP platesolving and sync. Tracking seems fine over hours, and I can image through meridian flips, but of course would like to re-center after the flip.

Any more details you need?

I found this after my CEM70 started randomly changing times due to a firmware fault

check the system time on the mount and day/date

Thanks for your experience, my day/date/times are rock solid all the time.

SGP uses your user profile to check if an item is above or below the horizon. It could be that you accidentally flipped the sign for one of the parameters or your user profile is incorrect.