Auto Center Plate Solve Failure

I just lost my field laptop and have now switched over to my back-up machine running VISTA Premium 32.
I have installed SGP in conjuction with PHD2 V 1.5.0dev6. While trying to image the Wizard Nebula last night, I kept getting a Plate Solve Failure from the Auto Center Routine (Step 2).sg_logfile_20151109205648.txt (74.2 KB)
Hope the attached log helps you. Thanks in advance. Randall

BTW: I can Plate Solve locally (no internet) with with no problem.

Could’ve been an issue with the online program. Did you try switching back over to a local server? I’d recommend installing Plate Solver 2 as well… you just need the APM catalog. I just posted instructions in another thread. I’d go read that and get it running.


Hi Chris,

Yes, I do have Andy Galasso’s local install of It runs like
a charm. I test it out with my previous FITs (and even Jpegs everytime

a program update is released. Works like a charm and no internet required.


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So, it works now? Was it just a one-time issue? Did you try Plate Solve2 yet?

Nope…damn weather has curtailed my operations! Maybe try again this
week-end…supposed to be clear.

I might have had thin cloud. I know the humidity that night was about 90%
and the temp was about 3° C.

It was one of those nights when you know things are going to fall apart
before you even start.! Ever had that?

Thanks for your review of my issue.


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You can try a plate solve by making a new target and using a previous image. Then call the appropriate plate solve. You’d know at the very least that it works software side.

Then you’re not troubleshooting wasting clear skies :slight_smile:️

Yes I do that quite a bit. I pull some of my archived pix out when the weather is the pits and play around with Plate Solving. Kinda neat!

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