Auto Center request

I have ‘discovered’ this wonderful tool in SGPro called Auto Center (thanks, Jared). I used this function two nights ago to build a 10 point model for my Celestron CGX and each solved model point ended up with an error of less than 2 arc" or roughly <7 pixels.

What I did was to have either CPWI or TheSKYX slew to a target star, then, taking the RA/DEC coordinates from a Wikipedia page (CPWI) or from a text file (TheSKYX) enter the RA/DEC coordinates into the appropriate place in the ‘Target Settings’ popup and SGPro does an Auto Center.

The first three model target stars were not in the initial ASI294MC-Pro image but after a minute or so and one or two fails, the target star was centered - YAY! Auto Center worked successfully 10 of 11 tries.

One thing I wish this tool had was the ability to enter RA/DEC coordinates from a file, such as from an AstroPlanner - i.e., enter object name, verify and the RA/DEC is automatically populated.

AstronBin, Telescopius and Flick don’t have solved plates for stars, such as needed when running a mount model. I ended up having to manually enter the RA/DEC values.

Is this something that can be accomplished with a script? Or, can this be a future feature request?


I delved further into the manual and discovered that a program such as, Deep-Sky Planner will input a series of locations and this answers my question completely. I picked up a copy of DSP and once this little weather system passes, will give it a try.