Auto center validation frame failed


after installing new version of SGP ( I have strange problem with plate solve:

  • I am getting message “Auto center validation frame failed to solve. APM file found but could not be opened”
  • I close SGP, open again and… everything works
  • I start sequence, PlateSolve works for two first objects but for third it fails with the same reason

Plate Solve is configured like that:

I would appreciate your help.

From the screenshot it would appear as though you have not downloaded the APM catalog and set the directory location in PlateSolve2. Have you done that?

Hi, yesterday evening I have installed APM and now I have both “status OK” - plate solve vorks fine, thank you.

What worries me a bit is that few days ago everything was working without problems, so I was wandering what happened - to avoid this in future. But maybe it is unexplainable.


I had this issue again - APM fil could not be found - but there is status “OK” in PlateSolve catalog Directories :frowning:
I have sequence: NGC 1499 - IC 410 - NGC 2244 - Sh2-302. Everything works fine until centering on Sh2-302

Unfortunately, yesterday, i had this exact problem too - When i tried to center on an object i get this error as @dziki mention above: APM File could not be found.
I have both catalogues installed.

Second attempt was fine.
Second problem occured in the middle of the session, but Recovery step in and next attempt was fine.

I will upload log file in the evening.