Auto Focus Frequency : AF run conditions

Hello, this is a question about a possible feature about Af trigering condition.
Is it possible to analyse the fresh downloaded CCD image, compute a mean fwhm , and deduce if an autofocus run is needed , then launching this autofocus run ?

Option on this could let the user to define itself at which amount of changing fwhm the Af should run etc…
a smarter and deeper way could be also to analyse tendancies among a specified amount of frames to
discriminate false positive in the AF trigering conditions (as the temperature trigering af does…)

make sens ?

Thanks for the suggestion.

This has been discussed many times before. There is no good way to do it. Your mean HFR will naturally get smaller as you move toward meridian so it is not really possible for SGPro to detect meaningful changes. When moving away from meridian, it will naturally get larger (and still be in focus).

When you add this to the fact that this is a fairly complex option (definition of HFR ranges / tolerances) and whatnot, it id probably not something we want to look at right now.