Auto focus [NOT] on Resume

If I choose Resume Sequence, SGP will try to run Auto Focus again even though “Auto focus on resume” is NOT checked. Why does SGP do this and how do I stop it?

If I abort the auto focus, then SGP pauses. If I then click “Resume sequence”, SGP starts the auto focus again, even though, as I say, “Auto focus on resume” is not checked.

I see the same behavior and it sometimes gets in the way.

I’m guessing that the option to ‘autofocus on resume’ was intended for conditions when SGP instigates a resume in a running sequence, rather than the user pressing the resume button on a paused one. I have another thread going on at the moment on changing the resume logic and perhaps this can be considered at the same time. It might be as simple as using the term ‘resume’ for running sequence activity (like after recovery action or meridian flip) and use different terminology for a user setting a sequence going again.