Auto Focus -Step Issue

I am having an issue using the ASCOM JMI Motofocus with PC control within SGP. I preset the step counter at 50K and disconnected the MF from my Orion EON 115 (same focuser as the EON 130 as that is the scope the MF is made for). After disconnecting the MF I manually set the focuser to 50 using the draw tube marks. The MF connects to the fine tuning knob on the Orion 11:1 Crawford Focuser. If you move the focus step position to 100,000, the draw tube will only move to about 62. If you move the step to 0 the draw tube will only move to about 40 (give or take),

I realize there is not step counter in the JMI Motofocus. Is there a way that You guys can add a scale up feature so those of use that use JMI focusers can get a greater draw tube movement. I am not quite sure how SGP is determining the step location of the JMI MF other than perhaps counting pulses sent the the focuser. For example, If I could scale up the 100,000 to say 300,000 I would be able to move the draw tube a much greater distance. Or, alternatively, am I doing something wrong here. I put the JMI settings in the ASCOM driver per the instructions.