Auto Focusing....Can I assume

I have been using SGP for six years and in particular, I have been using it with a FLI PDF focuser. It resently stop working. It will step through the focusing steps, but freezes when it is suppost to move to the focus value. I sent it to FLI but they were unable to fix it because they no longer have parts. I have been reading here about auto fucusing problems in SGP. Can I assume the problem is with my focuser? Is there any chance the problem is in SGP.

Did they or you identify something specific that was “broken”?

Your best way to confirm this would be to use some tool other than SGP to move the focuser - does FLI provide their own app for setting / moving to a fixed focus position?

If it works with an external tool then maybe something went wrong in your SGP config. If it also fails with the other tool then not likely an SGP problem.

Thanks so much for responding.

I’ll follow your “scientific method” when I get the focuser back tomorrow. I think FLI does have an app to control the focuser.

I’ll follow up when I figure out the problem.

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