Auto-ignore "Mount Parked or Not Tracking"?


I am using SGP latest version with a Skywatcher AZ GTi in Eq mode. Equipment is AS294MC with 200mm f2.8 lens. No guide scope or guide camera, very simple setup. Direct Mount Guider is used for dithering.

While a capture is in progress and the mount is tracking fine, it seems from the log file (which I uploaded here, full night’s log) that some message is not properly received from the mount (or something, I am unfortunately confused by the error messages), and I get the dreaded error “Mount is Parked or Not Tracking”, and the capture is paused.

And yet the mount is still very obviously tracking ( (I noticed the message quite some time later in each case, and target was still almost centered when I restarted the sequence).

I understand that the issue is likely with the mount or mount communication (wifi). However, would there be a way for SGP to just auto-ignore that message (e.g. auto-press “Yes”)? And keep taking frames? I mean, SGP, if you keep taking frames, the worst that can happen is that I’ll just get trailing star images! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!



I have exactly the same problem - PHD2 keeps autoguiding without any issues, but SGP gives up.

I’ve managed by disconnecting the mount in PHD2 after slew&center, but this limits me to a single subject per unattended session and wouldn’t help you since you’re using direct mount dithering.

Allowing an auto-ignore would probably solve the issue for this particular mount.

Having the same issue so +1 from me too

I may have found a workaround for the “Mount is parked or not tracking error” issue with the AZ-GTI - it’s been cloudy so everything was done using “simulator” cameras, but last night I did two test runs - one directly using the Skywatcher Pro Ascom mount driver, which failed with this error after about an hour with that error. Then, I switched to the Ascom “POTH Telescope” which is a kind of middleware which allows multiple devices to connect to drivers which don’t support multiple connections. Connecting the POTH driver to the Skywatcher driver, then connecting SGPro to the POTH driver, I managed to have it “image” for an entire night without any interruptions!

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