Auto Weather shut down

Is weather a work in progress? I don’t even see a method to read a single line format? Disclosure I am a principal for Foster Systems so I may be biased, but even the ability to read one line format would be a big plus… I am now trying out the driver by Rowland…Thanks Chris!



Lots of us (myself included) use the Boltwood Safety Monitor made by Chris to monitor safety through SGP. I use this with my AstroAlert and it works well.

At this time we don’t see a lot of benefit in directly supporting weather stations given this option.


Could you provide a link to the “Boltwood Safety Monitor made by Chris”? A search revels several such units but I’m not finding this particular one.

It is really hard to find. It’s on the ASCOM web page. I wish there was a direct link in the download pages.

There is - - Downloads - Safety Monitor - it’s the only one. Not at all hard to find…

Or, to save the effort of three clicks,

Thanks, but I was really asking about what hardware people were using with this driver.

Desert Sky, I’m using a a Foster Systems Astro alert with mine.


I was referring to ‘searching’ for it. Sorry if that was misconstrued and thanks for building it for us. It works awesome.


Foster systems is now taking a look at supporting the Safety Monitor class
directly…I will update when progress is made…


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Thanks for the update Frank!