Autodisconnecting equipement in PHD2 after sequence ends

at the end of a sequence, is it possible to send an order to PHD2 in a way to disconnect the mount and guiding cam ?


You could even take this a step further and have SGP direct PHD2 to connect equipment at sequence start.

This would be very useful for me if the sequence could include the PHD2 equipment profile to connect to. I have a rig with two imaging setups, wide field and narrow field. I have SGP sequences and PHD2 equipment profiles for each setup. Before I start a sequence in SGP I go into PHD2 and select the equipment profile that matches the sequence. It would be great if SGP could do that for me.

To summarize, looking for something like this:

  • a new SGP option (in equipment profile and sequence control panel): PHD2 equip profile name
  • SGP connect all equipment - also direct phd2 to select the profile and connect all
  • SGP disconnect equipment - also direct phd2 to disconnect all

One more possibility - SGP could even launch PHD2 if it was not already running?


That’s a like from me. (Just plain lazy) less buttons to click.

I would like to see the ability to disconnect all equipment on sequence end, well after camera has warmed up. I have my own control program to shut off power 10m after sequence end but disconnecting all equipment world be good.

Well… trying not to do this, but I added this to 2.4.X (mostly because I want to use it).

I do not understand Ken, do you mean this is actually implemented ?

My request was motivated bu the fact that id did found the autoguided camera still taking frame in the morning
well after the sequence ended… in the log the guider did stop after the sequence but in fact was still running taking frames (not guiding, the mount was parked)
so disconnecting the cam is also a security thing to prevent daylight framing…

Closing as implemented in 2.4.2