Autofocus and clouds?

Tonight will be my first use of a forcuser. What is autofocus going to do if there are occasional clouds obscuring the stars?

Will my sequence fail and end?
Will it just keep trying over and over forever?
Is there a setting to tell it to try every 5 or 10 minutes until success?

This is not really an autofocus question but one that says, what happens when I’m imaging with cloud? My system will focus through hazy cloud but the stars are bloated from diffusion. If the guide star is lost however, and depending on your recovery options, SGP will try and get things going again. The frequency and duration are set by you. Take a look at the recovery options. It will often cope with a brief intermission, unless it thinks the situation is ‘unsafe’ and then it will shut down the sequence and again, depending on settings, do things like park the mount and close the roof.

Random cloud is a feature of the UK weather. I routinely image all night and let SGP get on with things. Very occassionally it will give up and shut down. When I open the sequence up in the morning, it will often show a log of the number of retries. Vapor trails are my number one hate at the moment.

Thin haze/clouds usually give me poor autofocus with a C14 - conditions can’t provide an accurate HFR and you resort to the Bartinov mask. Same with wind. In clear settled conditions, however, works ok.