Autofocus and lack of high speed download

After some searching I noticed there are others who have asked this question. I’m using a QSI 683 and it would be nice if we were able to use the high speed downloads for autofocusing, it was mentioned that this feature might be put back in place. Is that still true? Is the read noise really bad enough that it shouldn’t be an option? Would increasing the exposure time mitigate and binning mitigate the quality issue? It takes 15 seconds to download a normal image, less than 2 seconds for high speed mode.

We don’t write code for specific cameras. So, while the QSI683 might have very low noise, it has been an issues for other cameras. That said, we are refactoring auto focus right now… the new star detection routine might be more resistant to noise from fast download.

Thanks Ken! Looking forward to it! Or if that doesn’t work out, possibly an option to enable fast download with a notice that it may not be suitable for all cameras.

Please note that auto focus in beta, starting with (not available just yet), is robust enough that we feel comfortable introducing the “fast download” back into the equation. Hopefully the new star detection routines will be more tolerant of fast downloads. If they are not, then we will likely need to turn it back to the “off” position for AF frames in order to preserve bandwidth for new feature development (instead of devoting to AF support of bad data).

For now, we’ll “let it ride” and pay close attention to the results. Please let us know, when it becomes available, if you are using fast download for AF.

Hi there !
testing now the last beta.
How to know if fast AF download is occuring ?
shall just the gebneric fast download has to be checked, or is there any other place to check ?

The speed at which AF frames download and appear on the screen should be noticeably faster… otherwise there is not much point in using fast download options.

Yes, just the one place on the camera tab.