Autofocus at changing Frame-Interval possible?

Hi SGP-Community,

I am fairly new to this hobby and am thinking about starting to use SGP.

One issue I have and would like to know about is how the focussing can be programmed.

I use a Monochrome Camera and generally shoot SHO or SHOBGR, changing filter after every frame. Due to me using an APO I do have some degree of longitudinal chromatism. I figured, that I can correct this error if I refocus between the SH- and the O-filter for example.
This is what I would like for example:
Frame 1: S-filter: refocus yes
Frame 2: H-filter: refocus no
Frame 3: O-filter: refocus yes
Frame 4: S-filter: refocus yes
Frame 5: H-filter: refocus no
Frame 6: O-filter: refocus yes
As you can see, telling the software to refocus exery X frames will not work.
Can I program SGP to do what I hope for? If I can I will give the software a go :slight_smile:
I would be glad to receive an answer. Thanks in advance for taking the time.

You can’t program triggers like this for specific filters, but you can provide a trigger to auto focus at start and then, periodically at some period. In between, as long as you have provided focus offsets between S, H and O filters, then focus position will be adjusted automatically whenever the filter changes position.

Hi Ken,

thank you very much for the prompt reply.

Great and simple solution! Thanks a lot. Will give it a shot.